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  How to buy a polo shirt

Q:How to buy a polo shirt?

A:There are some elements that are easy to check the quality before you shopping the polo shirt,and you have to be fashion designer to be able to keep away from poor quality.

No.1.Good fit and good cut

         Slim fit                                                                                        Poor fit

slim fit polo shirt              poor fit polo shirt

The good quality polo with slim fit and good cutting,One the contrary, the poor quality polo is in poor fit and twist cutting.

       Good cutting                                                                             Twist cutting

good cutting polo shirt            poor twist cutting polo

2.Colors fastness/ dying

The color fastness of good quality is higher than poor,the poor polos fade out very quickly with washes all the way,and become lighter and lighter especially some dark colors under same test conditions(temperature/illumination/water/detergent)
             colorfast                                                             color fade out

red polo shirt washing test          red polo shirt fade out


When pull on both sides the poor print appear rift while good print will not.

                       Good print                                                             poor print

good printing           poor printing


 Polo shirts fabric made of chemical (eg.:polyester/acrylic) and natural(eg.:cotton)

 The shrinkage of chemical is lower than natural,100% cotton is not guarantee for high quality any more either,shrinkage is higher than chemical,so the natural fibers are not the best choice at all.

chemical fibers are much stable than natural fibers 

The easy way to distinguish cotton and polyester is burning 

                          burning cotton                                                                                        burning polyester

burn cotton polo shirt                burn polyester polo shirt


Good sewing without assorted thread                                                 Poor sewing with some assorted thread

good sewing                poor sewing

If you have other ideas of how to buy a polo shirt pls do not hesitate to share with us.

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